The Abaddon Team

Deep in the outer reaches of the Milky Way Galaxy lies the small planet, Korross. Warmed by its twin suns, NGL 2388 and, NGL 2389, the planet's atmosphere is harsh and dry. The few lonely settlers who dwell in the planet's vast deserts must venture into the deep canyons that run along its surface in order to find precious water.

Then, all at once the planet experiences an inexplicable change. Curious new plants and animals begin to appear on planet's surface, and the tiny canyon springs start to give way to lush rainforests. Like mushrooms after rain, peculiar red crystalline clusters begin to blanket the planet's surface.

Scientists studying the crystals announce that they have found a way to use them to provide an infinite source of clean energy. Prospects for the Korross colonies look good as companies flock to the planet and begin setting up crystal mines.

As suddenly as the planet changes once, it changes again. An energy shield with an unknown source surrounds the planet. Because of its great intensity, transport ships bringing Korross supplies have trouble getting through the force field. The few that do get to Korross must find small gaps in the energy field through which to pass.
A special force, the Abaddon Team, is dispatched from aboard the starcrusier Hercules II. Piloted by expert Lt. Amber Daniels, the dropship only survives the harrowing journey through the shield with a lot of luck.
Having sustained minor damages during the flight, the Abaddon lands on Korross' surface and the exhausted crew departs the ship near a crystal refinery that seems to be in perfect working order. But looks can be deceiving...

Your adventure begins now.