October 2004
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EE hits news stands - Posted 29. October 2004

PC Gamer UKAs we reported earlier, Eden Eclipse was set to be featured in the December issue of PC Gamer UK as part of their MSUC Contest round-up. Well, the December issue (pictured to the left) is on news stands in Britain now, and as far as we know, we're in there. So head to your local news shop and pick up a copy!

If any of our British fans could send a scan to info@edeneclipse.com so we know how the coverage came out, that would be awesome.

We have word from Avault.com that the interview we recently completed with them will be posted early next week. Stay turned for more information.

New Mirror - Posted 21. October 2004

The people at Two Degrees have added Eden Eclipse to their files list. Two Degrees is a condoned content only peer based network, so you'll need to download their free client first before you can download EE off their network. They also carry a huge list of other UT2004 mod files.

Remember, you can always get the latest list of download mirrors from our mirrors list.

It's Official! - Posted 21. October 2004

Well, the official word has come from Jeff Morris over at Epic. All Phase 4 Finalists from the Make Something Unreal Contest will be admitted into the Grand Finals. So, Eden Eclipse is in! The Grand Finals deadline is November 15th, so expect our next public release on or around that date.

From Jeff's post on the official UT2004 forums yesterday:

"We've also decided that all finalists are available to submit in the grand finals. Epic will still pick the 'finalists' of the grand finals before announcing the overall contest winners."

EE in PC Gamer UK! - Posted 19. October 2004

To all of our British fans, Eden Eclipse will be featured in a Make Something Unreal Contest round-up in PC Gamer's United Kingdom edition. The feature appears in their upcoming issue which hits newsstands in Britain on October 27th!

We'll be trying to procure a copy, but anyone in Britain or elsewhere in Europe that recieves PC Gamer UK, be sure to buy the next issue for their half-page coverage of Eden Eclipse and their round-up of all the great Make Something Unreal Contest entrants!

If you want to help EE get more press coverage, be sure to email your favorite websites and magazines and let them know you want articles about Eden Eclipse!

We're In! - Posted 11. October 2004

It's official. The MSUC Phase 4 FPS Finalists have been announced and we're on the short list of those who made it joining 15 other top-notch mods! Competition should be fierce, but we're working hard on our Grand Finals release and will try our absolute best. We want to make it clear that even though we haven't been officially accepted into the Grand Finals (no one has yet) we're still moving forward with our plans as if we're already in.

We want to thank everyone who has downloaded our mod (and continue to do so) and everyone who has supported us with comments, praise, bug reports, ideas, and criticism. We also want to extend special thanks to our beta testing team who has been there (and still is!) helping make sure Eden Eclipse works the way it should!

We have some fun stuff coming up before the release in November, so stay tuned!

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