Eden Eclipse is a science-fiction first person 3D action game set in the distant future. You take on the persona of a brave female soldier named Lt. Amber Daniels.
Guide her through the perils of a harsh planet filled with dangerous creatures, unfriendly wastelands, and complex jungles. Along your way you will uncover the secret behind the mysterious red crystals as well as secrets of your own life and past.

Eden Eclipse was developed as a Total Conversoin for Unreal Tournament 2004 with the goal of eventually releasing a commercial product. The project was halted with the release of it's second demo. To find out more about the game feel free to browse this website.

If you are interested in playing Eden Eclipse, simply make use of the download links below. The mod is freely available but it requires a working installation of Unreal Tournament 2004.


Eden Eclipse Demo 2.01 Performance Patch:
(requires Demo 2 to be installed)

Eden Eclipse Demo 2.0: